Curated collection: Inquiry Learning at the coalface

Heading photo credit: Tuomo Lindfors, Tytyrin kaivosmuseo, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 License


A Curated Collection of sources

In my searching, researching and re-searching journey, I have been pursuing a line of inquiry about Inquiry Learning. My early foray began with three inquiry questions, that narrowed to one primary inquiry question, that, as my journey progressed, gave birth to multiple baby inquiry questions. This journey has brought a wealth of information, and clarified my primary inquiry question to the following:

What are the main concerns of teachers regarding Inquiry Learning, and how do these concerns impact on its implementation in the classroom?

In pursuit of an answer to this question, I have curated a collection of academic and professional sources on Pinterest. This collection provides a snapshot of the sources I found the most useful, the most intriguing, the most thought-provoking, or the most memorable from my research – or a mixture of these things. It is an eclectic mix, but one that strongly reflects my primary inquiry question. The reasons for why each source was chosen for this list are provided in the comments section of each pin.

The order of the sources on Pinterest is random, and does not reflect any hierarchy.

A reference list for this collection can be found at the bottom of this page, ordered alphabetically.



References (for my curated collection on Pinterest)

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