Peer Feedback

Heading photo credit: Martin Fisch, The audience is shaking, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license


Below is my feedback for my peers in LCN616 Inquiry Learning, with screenshots of, and links to, their blogs.


The Yogi of Inquiry Learning and Re-search


Dear Megan,

I really enjoyed the yoga theme running through your blog posts – I felt like I was not just learning about expert search strategies but getting a bonus yoga lesson thrown in! The yoga theme gave me a strong sense of how you were approaching each phase of your research.

I particularly liked that you had a short “introduction” to the expert searching. Orienting the reader to how you were setting out that part of your blog was a really great idea. I liked that you also demystified one of the major underlying ‘codes’ of searching the internet – Boolean operators – straight away. These things made me feel confident of the direction in which you (we) were heading, and thus comfortable and keen to explore your blog. I felt like you had a strong handle on blogging, as you were able to use the internal structures (menus and subsections etc) effectively.

In your Google Search, I liked that you provided links to useful results from each search – I imagine this was a clever way of keeping track of good sources you wanted to come back to, as well as being helpful to anyone who is reading our blog. I thought that including a ‘what next’ column in your table was a very efficient way of explaining the way in which you refined your search more and more as you went through. I definitely feel I have learnt a little about ‘table efficiency’ from your blog (my tables were, by contrast, a little unwieldy).

If I had to make a suggestion for improvement (it is only a small one!) I would suggest you changed the font colour of the non-hyperlinked text (for example, in your table for Google Search “Sample 1”) so it is a different colour to your hyperlinked text. I kept clicking on green text throughout your post, only to find that some were hyperlinked and some were not.

I very much enjoyed reading your blog, Megan, thank you.


Inquiry Fractals



Dear Emma,

I was blown away by the appearance of your blog. I found it easy to navigate from the menu dropdown, and visually rewarding. I liked that you included a “home” page for your expert searching, which introduced the reader to this section.

A couple of suggestions I would make regarding the usability of your blog, I would have found it much easier to move between your expert searching pages, if there was a click-through at the bottom of each page that took me to the next page (e.g. from Google to Google Scholar etc). I found it a little cumbersome to go back to the menu at the top of the page and click through from there. I would also have enjoyed some more hyperlinks, so I could expand my knowledge on what you were talking about and investigate further on other websites where I wanted/needed to.

I liked following the growth and change of your inquiry question as you went through the process of expert searching.


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